Energy System Modelling

Holistic modelling to uncover the fundamentals of energy system investments, built on our Data Analytics toolset and Engineering Analytics capabilities.

The energy systems of the future are dynamic, with multiple sources of uncertainty that impact their potential value.

Risks include the inherent variable nature of renewable resources, rapidly evolving market regulation, uncertainty of future demand, and labour and equipment supply chains - which may be stretched to breaking point over the next decade.

Against this challenging background there exists many opportunities to design, build and operate energy assets which will transform the fortunes of investors and dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions from energy production.

To deliver superior project outcomes for our customers, we simulate energy systems using Engineering Analytics, then expand our understanding of their performance using Data Analytics. We deliver our insights as interactive, online reports for you and your stakeholders to explore.

Modelling least cost pathway to net zero for a minerals processing facility

Working as an integrated part of a larger owner's engineering team, our consultants modelled the costs and emissions associated with five different pathways to net zero for an energy intensive minerals processing facility.

The pathways represented a broad range of different decarbonisation options. The selected option was demonstrated as the lowest cost, least risk approach to achieving net zero.

The final analysis was publicly released. It remains the foundation of the client's overall strategy for reducing forecast emissions from several hundred thousand tonnes of annual greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050.