Combining Artificial Intelligence and Engineering Analytics to assess and optimise the performance of energy systems.

Simulate > Train > Optimise

Understand your risks.

Reduce your costs.

Identify superior returns.

Battle test before you invest

What if you could build your project in a hundred different ways, and compare how it performs in a hundred different versions of the future?

That’s what we do.

We combine Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics to cost effectively and accurately simulate the performance of energy systems.

The scale and scope of our models are tailored to your project stage and budget. They can range from a high-level assessment of the fundamentals of a project to an in-depth analysis of a critical engineering detail.

Artificial Intelligence
Advanced Analytics

Machine learning and optimisation to guide energy system decision making.

Dynamic engineering and control systems analysis of physical energy systems.

Energy Systems Modelling

Holistic modelling to uncover the fundamentals of energy system investments, built on our Artificial Intelligence toolset and Advanced Analytics capabilities.

Leadership Team

Max van Someren


Dr. Ashkan Rafiee


Dr. Nitin Repalle


Principal energy advisor to range of energy majors, energy disruptors and industrial energy users.

Internationally recognised expert in machine learning and data analytics.

Offshore systems and renewables industry leader with a strong track record of driving technical innovations.

Why work with Causal Dynamics?

To truly understand the potential value of the energy systems of tomorrow, you need to dive deep.

Complexity has multiplied. Simplistic projections are no longer good enough for making critical decisions on the future of energy systems.

Details matter. That's why we model from both the bottom up and the top down to predict and optimise the performance of an energy system.

We apply this approach from the earliest stages of a project.

What makes this possible now? Because we have better tools available to us than ever before.

As a small, agile team of academics, engineers and analysts we rapidly build and deploy the latest machine learning tools.

The result? Much higher confidence in the technical and financial performance of your project.